Pacific Coast Environmental Conservancy (PCEC) is dedicated to the protection and sustainability of the unique Pacific coast environments, and promotes science based understanding, solutions and education relating to modern concerns facing this unique region.  This organization is committed to providing support for and facilitation of scientific and technology driven assessment and studies that aim to improve understanding of human impacts in marine and terrestrial environments of the Pacific coast region, with an ultimate objective of enhancing identification and implementation of effective mitigation strategies.

Explicitly integrated with these activities is an educational component that facilitates and supports direct participation of students (university, K-12) and the public in environmental studies, assessment, and other beneficial activities that lead to increased awareness of modern environmental problems and possible solutions.  We strive to provide a hands-on learning environment for students to drive home the understanding of how humans impact our environments and what can be done to help solve the problem.

PCEC will promote, organize and lead environmental studies that bring new technologies to the goal of understanding specific and integrated mechanisms of human impacts in the environment.  An emphasis is placed on assessing environmental effects on biological organisms (studies on organism responses) to determine mechanisms of impacts, scope of impacts, causes of impacts, and possible mitigation strategies.

PCEC promotes an integrative “systems” approach to understanding environmental impacts.