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Pacific Coast Environmental Conservancy (PCEC) is committed to providing and supporting science-based insight, solutions and education for our modern environmental concerns.

PCEC understands the importance of educating all members of society, especially young students, about environmental issues that face us all and how we may work to solve problems, using science to help provide solutions for the future.

PCEC promotes state-of-the-art scientific approaches and technologies to not only analyze environmental issues but to use as tools to educate the public about such issues.

PCEC acknowledges that young people in particular will inherit the environmental problems of today.  These new generations will have more power and ability to effect changes as decision making adults, especially when supported by scientific analysis of the problems and the needed data.  For this and many other reasons, it is vital to educate the public and our youth about human-derived impacts in the environment. We all hope to promote knowledge-based policies and conservation of nature.


^ PCEC staff and collaborators conducting a beach seine, and involving camp kids in environmental field


^ Dr. Kevin M. Kelley (California State University, Long Beach) explaining to camp kids some of the research
conducted by PCEC.

Summer Volunteers!!

PCEC is developing summer programs were students can become involved in environmental science thru a hands-on program where they will participate in field research, data collecting and data analysis of important environmental projects run by PCEC.  We want to give students the chance to help and work with lead scientists on important projects that address present environmental issues.  Students will learn, by a hands-on approach, research skills that will challenge those students interested in scientific research, and in particularly environmental research.  Students will benefit from field experience and learn useful techniques that will help them in the future. This is a great opportunity for students to step out of the classroom and get involved in environmental field research.  They will be given the chance to not only develop science skills but also communication and leadership skills.


PCEC is developing scholarships for students who wish to follow a path of scientific research and show an appreciation and interest in environmental issues that face societies today. PCEC is also developing fellowship awards to give to college students who work with PCEC on environmental research projects that use state of the art scientific techniques to solve novel environmental issues facing us today!

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If you wish to see our educational constitution and a full description of our educational goals please click on the link below

Educational Constitution