Cabrillo Marine Aquarium White Croaker Study



Pacific Coast Environmental Conservancy undertook an educational program this summer where we took two local students and engaged them in field research looking at potential disruption in a native fish species, white croaker.  Organisms that depict some sort of environmental impact will show differences in hormone levels.

We were able to compare white croaker from Cabrillo white croaker from Redwood city in the San Francisco Bay (a relatively clean site) and compared our results.  The overall results show that croaker in the bay area have an average concentration of thyroid hormone (28.293 pg/ml) significantly higher than those of white croaker from Cabrillo (18.909 pg/ml).  This means that white croaker as a whole are being impacted at Cabrillo to the point that their physiology inhibits the organism’s ability to produce the same amount of this important hormone.

Thyroid hormone is essential for growth and development in all vertebrates so any exposure to harmful substances can affect this.  Below you will see a chart that shows each individual white croaker sampled as well as the overall averages, standard deviations and standard errors.  We would like to thank all the fishermen that helped us by allowing us to sample their fish caught!

We will continue this educational program , if you would like to support our program, make a donation.